In a 2017 AAPA poll of Colorado PAs, 90% want to maintain a working relationship with physicians.
CAPA shares this position and is working with physicians and physician groups, such as the Colorado Medical Society (CMS) and Colorado Academy of Family Physicians (CAFP), in anticipation of the 2019 sunset review of the Medical Practice Act. Initial collaborative efforts will likely focus on exploring issues that affect the PA-physician relationship (i.e. hiring and on-boarding of PAs), developing best practice guidelines (ex. performance assessment templates), and reviewing statute language for opportunities to minimize the liability surrounding physician supervision. CAPA is supportive of changes that will ultimately have a positive impact on the Colorado health system and recognizes that partnerships are influential and often yield a greater chance for success.

Why Advocate?

PAs are trusted and important frontline healthcare providers. They have extensive experience and can offer invaluable insight into the problems facing healthcare in Colorado. By developing an understanding for the issues, PAs collaborate with stakeholders to develop changes that make a positive impact on patient outcomes. The political climate changes quickly, so it is prudent to stay current to ensure that concerns are appropriately addressed. There are important things happening in our profession, and it is never too late to get involved.

CAPA Advocacy Network

The purpose of the CAPA Advocacy Network is to develop a network of PAs who are committed to advocacy and appreciate timely updates about public policy issues that may impact PAs and the patients we serve. You do not need to be a CAPA member to join the CAPA Advocacy Network, and conversely, joining does not establish CAPA membership. From time to time, there will be advocacy opportunities offered exclusively to CAPA members. Opportunities may include meeting with legislators, participating in focus groups, and representing PAs on various patient care initiatives. There are no commitments and you can “optout” at any time. The CAPA Advocacy Network is managed by the CAPA Legislative and Government Affairs Committee.

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Advocacy Toolkit for Members

CAPA at the Capitol

Every year, CAPA invites all Colorado PAs to the Colorado Capitol building to learn about current public policy issues affecting the PA practice and ways to promote the PA profession using effective advocacy tactics. We start the day off with a light breakfast followed and presentations from Colorado state legislators and our own CAPA lobbyist. Later, PAs meet face-to-face with legislators to put advocacy skills into action!

Legislative and Government Affairs Committee

CAPA’s Legislative and Government Affairs committee monitors legislative and regulatory activities that affect CO PAs, collaborates with stakeholders (i.e. PAs, AAPA, constituent organizations) to understand emerging issues, engages PAs in advocacy, and provides learning opportunities to the public and CO PAs that explain rules and regulations of PA practice. Some of the committees responsibilities include participating on bi-weekly phone calls, attending the quarterly Colorado Medical Board meetings, reviewing legislation (bills), facilitating advocacy events, and exploring options for partnering with other associations and stakeholder groups. Interested in joining the Legislative and Government Affairs Committee click here!