Colorado PA Rules & Regulations

Colorado PA practice is regulated by laws and rules.

Laws are statute passed by the Colorado Legislature and signed into law by the Colorado Governor.

Rules are made by the Colorado Medical Board based on statute and oversee the medical practice of PAs.

See the links below for more information regarding the rules and laws governing PA practice in the state of Colorado.

Colorado Medical Practice Act

Colorado Medical Board, Rule 400, Rule 3 CCR 713-1

Collaborative Agreement

Rule 400 Forms

The following forms have been developed to use as a template to assist in documentation kept at the practice level that is in compliance with the Rules and Statutes governing PA practice in Colorado. 


Coming soon


See Collaborative Agreement Link above!

These documents were created based on the language of the Medical Practice Act and Colorado Medical Board Rule 400 at the time of its creation in January 2020. These documents should not be construed as legal advice. Because the facts/laws applicable to your situation may vary, modification of these documents may be warranted to ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements. Please contact your attorney or other professional advisors if you have any questions related to your legal obligations or rights, state or federal laws, or other legal questions.

There are additional federal regulations that impact the practice of PAs. Check out the American Academy of Physician Assistants for more information on federal legislative priorities.

Colorado representatives have been active in participating in advocating for federal legislative change through meeting with Colorado Senators and Representatives in Washington, D.C. We hope you will join us in this endeavor, and look for more opportunities through AAPA for future legislative advocacy!

CAPA is actively involved in the legislative and rule-making processes through the Governmental Affairs Committee. Curious about what CAPA is doing?

Check out CAPA Legislative Priorities or see what's going on with the Governmental Affairs Committee.

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