Bill Fact Sheet

Colorado PA practice is regulated by laws and rules. Laws are statute passed by the Colorado Legislature and signed into law by the Colorado Governor. Rules are made by the Colorado Medical Board based on statute and oversee the medical practice of PAs.

Check out the Colorado PA Regulations page for more information.

Colorado Legislative Priorities

CAPA is active in sponsoring legislation specific to PA practice in the state. CAPA also weighs-in on other legislation related to PA practice in line with CAPA's mission to advocate for PA practice in the state of Colorado and increasing access to quality healthcare for all Coloradans.

Click here for more information on CAPA legislative involvement.

Optimal Team Practice

Optimal Team Practice (OTP) occurs when PAs, physicians, and other healthcare professionals work together to provide quality care without burdensome administrative constraints.

Click here for more information on Optimal Team Practice.

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