We embrace the strength of our members, and our constituent and partner organizations to speak with one voice for the PA profession in Colorado and work together to transform healthcare.

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Welcome to the Colorado Academy of Physician Assistants


CAPA's mission is to advocate for and promote the PA profession by providing professional development, education, representation, and legislative advocacy for all Colorado PAs.


CAPA believes in access to and delivery of quality medical care for all Coloradans and promotes a commitment to team-based care to enhance the health and wellness of the people of Colorado.

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Kandace Shepherd, CAPA President

I got involved in CAPA after going to a Colorado Medical Board stakeholder meeting and seeing several CAPA representatives there giving testimony for changes in the PA medical board rules. I was there to speak to the needs of the PAs at the CU School of Medicine, and of course my goals aligned with CAPA.

And.....the board members were so nice!

People volunteer their time for things they think are worthwhile, and CAPA is definitely worth it! Without the CAPA members' financial support, the CAPA committee members time and effort, and the expertise of the board members, lobbyist, AAPA chapter liason and others....our PAs would still be required to have every chart co-signed by a physician, have limited voice at the medical board and have limitations on our ability to care for patients.

My personal goal list for CAPA from a few years ago, still guides me:

1. Identify the needs of the PAs in the state of Colorado.
2. Grow CAPA membership by bringing PA issues to the front-line PAs and supporting initiatives important Colorado PAs.
3. Guide legislation at the local, state and national level that directly impacts a PA's ability to provide care.
4. Promote the PA identity and role in collaborate care relationships with physicians and other healthcare team providers.
5. Advocate for a collaborative team model with our physician colleagues.
6. Support the PA educational programs in the state and promote a pipeline of new PAs for rural and urban clinical care settings.

Tell other PAs about CAPA and to support PAs in Colorado! It is about out future and our legacy.

CAPA advocates for all PAs in the state of Colorado.

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CAPA is the voice of Colorado PAs. Join us to learn more about advocacy efforts in Colorado and nationally.


CAPA provides quality, PA-driven CME opportunities for members and non-members alike!

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Whether you are just starting your PA journey or have been in the profession for several decades, CAPA represents all PAs and provides support at all times of your career.

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