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June 2020

Table of Contents:

  • President's Perspective
  • 2020 CAPA Election Results
  • Capitol Connection
    • Colorado Legislative Update
    • AAPA Legislative and Advocacy Summit
  • 2020 CAPA Award Winners
  • Reimbursement Pearls
  • Save the Date!  - PA Professional Day 2020
  • COPIC Corner
  • Student Updates
  • Announcements

Black lives matter.  

CAPA stands with you, we kneel with you, we will work to hear and amplify your voices. The healthcare dimension of racism is one that needs attention and collective acknowledgement in order to be changed. We strive to be a resource for support, an outlet for suggestions and advice, and a force that will help drive the change we need in our communities and healthcare systems.

We believe in access to and delivery of quality medical care for Coloradans and promote a commitment to team – based care to enhance the health and wellness of the people of Colorado. CAPA pledges to embrace an individual’s right to be heard regardless of race, color, social class, status, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, or religious belief. Diverse voices are needed to meet the challenges and find solutions. CAPA supports diversity, equity, multiculturalism and promotion of justice in our PA education, our PA profession and our healthcare community.

During this time of unprecedented change, “new normals” and ever-evolving information, we thank you for your efforts taking care of your patients, co-workers, family, friends and your community. We’ve seen so many examples of how PAs are compassionately adapting and pivoting to provide care, education and advocate where it is needed most. This is just what PAs were built to do. 

We have also heard from PAs who are facing difficulty in finding work positions or are experiencing furlough in current jobs. Know that we hear you too. CAPA recognizes the actions taken on behalf of Executive Orders to expand the available healthcare workforce in Colorado through temporary suspension of certain regulations related to PA practice; however, the regulatory barriers that prevent PAs from practicing at the top of their scope have been amplified during this time, both locally and nationally. CAPA has a finger on the pulse, has taken action to support the ability for PAs to practice where needed during this pandemic, and is looking ahead towards opportunities to affect meaningful change.  Check out more of what the Governmental Affairs Committee has been working on below.

CAPA has also gone through recent management restructuring, and is looking forward to strengthening our service to members through opportunities for networking, obtaining CME and providing meaningful involvement in advocacy. As we look ahead to our strategic planning session in July, we as a Board have also been thoughtful about recent events, and the impact that is felt on behalf of PAs, patients and our communities. We are looking forward to a robust conversation around these topics. CAPA represents you and exists to serve you as a PA, and thus, we want to hear from you! As is done annually, CAPA will be conducting a member survey over the next month, and ask for your candid responses in helping us understand what is important to you and your community. Keep your eyes open for this survey in the next couple days!

As my term as President concludes at the end of June, it has been a privilege to serve and represent the Colorado PA community this past year. With a year full of transitions and adaptations, I have been grateful for an inspiring and supportive Board of Directors, and am encouraged by the individuals who will be leading the organization moving forward.

We invite you to join us, whether through continued membership support or becoming more involved in committee or outreach activities. Look for more opportunities to get involved and support PA practice in Colorado! 

Peggy Walsh, President

Thank you to all those who voted in the

CAPA Election!

We are honored to present the 2020-2021

Board of Directors. The leadership year starts July 1, 2020:

Board of Directors (voting):

President: Kandace Shepherd

President-Elect: Alyn Whelchel *

Immediate Past President: Peggy Walsh

Secretary: Samantha DeYoung *

Treasurer: Kellie Lyons

Chief Delegate: Alysia Wiley

Student Director: Annalise Grammerstorf *

Directors At Large:

Josh Borgstadt
Amy Bronson
Kendra Glassman *
Joe Jones *

AAPA House of Delegates, Colorado Delegates:

Chief Delegate: Alysia Wiley

Chief Delegate-Elect: Rachel Weinzimmer *


Rebecca Bohl *
Cooper Couch *
Steve Kudebeh *
Kirsten Kuhn *
Peggy Walsh *

*  elected during the 2020 CAPA Elections

Has your membership lapsed? Be sure to keep your membership active and keep receiving CAPA correspondence, supporting PA advocacy in the state and have access to CAPA events and CME opportunities!

Visit the Membership Page to renew or log-in to your CAPA account.

Legislative Update

Alyn Whelchel, Governmental Affairs Committee Co-Chair

The CAPA Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) had another successful legislative season. We wrote, testified for and passed HB20-1041 Physician Assistants Financial Responsibility Requirements. This important legislation allows PAs to continue to utilize the shared malpractice policies many of us currently have with our employer organizations and physicians. As we all know, based on legislation passed by CAPA in 2019, HB19-1095 Physician Assistants Supervision and Liability, PAs with more than three years of experience are now solely liable for the care they provide. HB20-1041 clarifies malpractice coverage questions related to this legislation.

In addition, CAPA has responded to the current COVID-19 crisis by contacting Governor Polis with several letters to address the specific needs of PAs in Colorado to help us care for patients. Like many state chapters and with the support of AAPA we requested temporary suspension of the Physician: PA supervision ratios and easing liability for care outside a specific provider’s area of specialty. Governor Polis responded by releasing an Executive Order expanding the scope of practice for medical providers and lifting other requirements. PAs are specifically mentioned in this order.  

GAC also hosted CAPA at the Capital February 26th this year. Many PAs attended and had the opportunity to meet and educate our lawmakers about what we can do for the citizens of Colorado. We also experienced the legislative process and gained a greater understanding about how to affect positive change for our profession at the state level.

The CAPA Governmental Affairs Committee continues to have a very active presence in the Colorado legislature and the Colorado Board of Medicine. We continue to work closely with CAPA’s lobbyist to ensure legislation pertaining to PAs is reviewed by CAPA. We are proud to represent Colorado PAs and plan to continue the work we need to positively promote our profession and support our fellow PAs.

This is an unprecedented time in our country and in our profession. PAs are uniquely poised to provide care where needed. Our training and ability to adapt to different practice situations and specialties is unlike any other. Please know GAC is aware of how incredible PAs are in our community and how vital we are to the sustained and successful provision of excellent patient care in Colorado. Please share your stories with us! We want to know how we can help support and improve your practice in our state.

“Our professional organizations are the voice, but we as PAs are the megaphone."